As members of our Class RSVP to Our 50th and FINAL Reunion we have listed their names here so you can see who is coming. This will be the FINAL BIG HURRAH! 
Mike Hamilton -
Stan Meyers -
Carol Crump -
Richard Soudriette -
Dotty Palumbo Diene and Tyler
Martha Mahoney Sullivan -
Judi Wescott Grove and Bob
Andrea Apt Myers -
Teresa Guest Lunsford and Bill
Laura Smith Howard and Tim
Paul McGinnis -
Cathy Bolton McCullough and Brady
Cathy Crowell Anello and Beau
Patti Treadwell Unruh
Ruth Mercer Hawk and Dan
Vicki Hansen Karney and Kip
Patti Fricke Pitcock and Chuck
Anita Engle Watson -
Patricia Forshler Fulton and Thomas
Sallye Shaffer Eastman -
Steve Swearengin -
Carolyn Jackson Tolley-Gentry and Henry
Jay Whiteside -
Gayla Soderstrom Dixon and Richard
James Holland -
Denise Long Eidson and Tony Davies
Ron French -
Tom Tuttle -
Phil Williams -
Phil Albritten and Cindy
Dan Leek -
Jeannie Smith Chapman -
Skip Klintworth -
Peggy Banks Hughes -
Barbara Patterson Cerrullo and Dave
Monty Davis Duncan and Rod
Winora Kasbaum Serio -
Sherrie Morgan Stottlemyre -
David Lawrence -
Randy Parks and Anna
Grant Billingsley and Fran
Mary Lee Willet Stephens and Doug
Stacey Weir Troy and Kevin
Barry Vance -
Jeff Perkins and Cindy
Linn Ann Elston Huntington -
Leigh McCaslin-
Anita Wyrickk Potter and Ron
Woody McClain and Kim
Kaye Driscoll Gallahar and Paul
Carol Proctor Peter
Robin Reaugh Steinmann
Jaqueline Thacker
Trella Carter
Tia Peterson Stout
Debbie Crouch Lewis
Steve Walden
Michael Cole and Carey
Ben Catterlin and Charlie
Gary Borofsky
Alan Fidler and Diane
Cheryl Clark
Patti Echols Coslor
Debbie Siekman Finch and Jack
Clay Roberts and Brigett
Jeff Papke
Gary Baily
Chris Nightingale
John Alspaugh and Michelle
Katie Swenson Fields
Dan and Alicia Stone Diehl
Mark Keely
Terry Lee
Nick Samara
Gary Stevenson
Cindy Allen Skinner
Victor Allen
Chris Broach and Mary
Lynn Roberts Warren and Tom
Rick Griffith
David Ritz and Cyndie
Sherri Erickson Swinson and James
Nancy Magoto
Terry and Madelyn Parks Rosenthal
Rod Estep
Joyce Sutton Sullivan and Chuck
Paul Finer
Bill Mays and Kelly
Carol McGinnis Benway and Terry
Tom England
Rick Worsham and Elizabeth
Richard Verby and Tricia
John McLemore
Tom Phenicie
Brooks Cannon
Debbie Rogers Sprouse
Tony and Glenda Thompson Carr
Linda McCurry
Linda Evans Weathers
Kris Woods Shurts and Charles
James Leek
Jan Miller Miller and Mike
Joe Logan
Julie Randel Saxton and Don
Gayle Bryant Mason and Eric
Patricia Neely Miller and Steve
Caren Curtis